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Ship Control

Build your ship. Tweak your ship. · By ThaiCat


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1 year since dead anniversary
Not much changed in a while, huh?...
Build your ship. Tweak your ship.
Generic building controls
It's been a while since I decided to go full 3d and changed the way building works. It was an absolute disaster for over than half a year, pressing buttons requ...
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Premature optimization
As mentioned in change log there are multiple optimizations this time, most of them with dramatic effect. The very first and the most important is sector unload...
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the collider thing
Unfortunately, collision detection for mesh colliders in Unity is too inaccurate. if one the colliders is scaled, the distance at which collision will be detect...
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3d building and movement
About half a year ago on another site I mentioned in the planned features that this is going to be a 3d game at some point. I guess many of you probably noticed...
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Teleportation between sectors in multiplayer
In the last update, the I added possibility to move between sectors, right now it is only the most basic version, but works in multiplayer. All generated sector...
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Future networking update
As I said earlier, according to the plan, I was going to add the possibility of moving between sectors. In theory, it looks simple: Move the ship to a sufficien...
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