Generic building controls

It's been a while since I decided to go full 3d and changed the way building works. It was an absolute disaster for over than half a year, pressing buttons required to hold down tab key, block rotation and scale was done in block local space, therefore it was dependent on the block current rotation and felt completely random. I think there are even worse parts in all of this, but while I worked on them I had to remake ships from time so I decided to finally make something with it.

I think possibility to make symmetric ships faster is important so the first thing I came up with is mirroring.

It can be used to ether build, paint or delete blocks. Yeah, painting, i did it too.

And finally block deletion using mirroring, note mirror needs to be positioned and mirror axis selected to work as intended, this applies to every mode.

Also there some minor quality of life changes, as block rotation and scale applied within ship space, instead of block space, and minor UI improvements.


build-linux-x86(exp-14).zip 58 MB
Mar 31, 2018
build-win32(exp-14).zip 52 MB
Mar 31, 2018

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